Welcome to Harrow Law, P.A.

Joshua is a native of Hillsborough County, and has been practicing law in the Tampa Bay area since 2010. Prior to starting his own practice, Josh worked closely with a well-respected sole practitioner and had an opportunity to practice many areas of the law. Josh has had extensive experience handling landlord/tenant, zoning and land use, and insurance litigation cases.

Josh understands the economic realities of hiring an attorney, and strives to bring affordable legal care whenever possible. The cost of hiring an attorney should never be a factor when deciding whether to take action to protect or defend your rights.

Harrow Law, P.A. has a unique approach to helping clients resolve their disputes while ensuring that the client will not be responsible for the typical expensive legal fees. Josh has had exposure to issues with commercial property since his undergraduate career at the University of Florida, and it very familiar with issues in the current landlord/tenant atmosphere, among many other areas. Please see the Services tab for more information.

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