Harrow Law, P.A. (2014-Present)

Michael A. Linsky, P.A. (2009-2014)
Associate Tampa, FL

  • Assisted with litigation, discovery, settlement, and trial strategies
  • Litigated a variety of states cases that covered a broad range of legal issues, including:
  • Represented clients in mediation, appraisal, and settlement
  • Appeared before Second DCA for oral argument on numerous occasions
  • Licensed to practice in United States District Court, Middle District of Florida and United States Tax Court

KPMG Atlanta, GA

  • Prepared state taxes for businesses and completed tax rebates when necessary
  • Assisted with 1065-Partnership Tax Returns for mid-sized corporations
  • Applied provisions of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Landlord/Tenant Contract disputes Zoning Public Records
  • Insurance litigation HOA/Condominium Appellate Practice Collections
Contract Dispute Lawyers